BRAINFORCE presenting the CEO-of-the-Year Ranking China 2015

(Zurich / Shanghai) BRAINFORCE, the leading international provider of interim management services, have presented the Gold Award to the Top-ranked Chinese listed Company CEOs for the third time. At the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of bilateral Relations between China and Switzerland, the Ceremony was held at the Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing in the presence of the CEOs of the leading Swiss companies in China. The Obermatt ranking methodology ( is based on transparent key performance indicator>s and calculations with global benchmark, and exclude subjective evaluations. Gold Award Winner in the category „Combined Performance Large Companies“ is Yulin Wei, CEO of the leading Chinese National Pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm, a Global Fortune 500 company.
Based on the Swiss Obermatt Research methodology (, the performance of the listed Chinese Companies was compared with their peers globally. BRAINFORCE is Obermatt’s cooperation partner and responsible for the CEO rankings in China. The data basis are publicly traded companies headquartered in China. There are the following two Chinese CEO competitions: The 100 largest Chinese companies and Chines Growth Enterprise Market companies with sales above 100 MUSD.
For the Rankings, three indexed company performance indicators were calculated on 2014 financial figures: Sales Growth, Profitability Growth and Investment/Total Shareholder Return Growth. By indexing the parameters, disturbances from external factors are eliminated. Furthermore, the performance of the Chinese enterprises was compared with 30-70 companies from the same industry or similar business cycles worldwide. Only CEOs with company performance superior than at least 50% of their global peers were considered.
The Gold Winners 2015 by category are the following CEOs:

Category Combined Performance (Growth Sales+Profitability+Investment)
• Yulin Wei (Sinopharm), 83%
• Xiaohui Ji (SPD Bank), 81%
• Jian Wu (Hua Xia Bank), 80%

Category Sales Growth Performance
• Yanfeng Zhu (Dongfeng Motor), 100%
• Xuguang Tan (Weichai Power), 100%
• Guangchang Guo (Fosun International), 97%

Category Profitability Growth Performance
• Yanfeng Zhu (Dongfeng Motor), 100%
• Huateng Ma (Tencent), 92%
• Binli Zhou (Inner Mongolian Baotou Steel Union), 91%

Category Total Shareholder Return/Investment Growth Performance
• Dian Kang (New China Life Insurance), 100%
• Xiangming Gao (Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel), 98%
• Shi Wang (China Vanke), 98%

Category Combined Performance (Growth Sales+Profitability+Investment)
• Quanchen Jia (Qingdao Hengshun Zhongshen Group), 99%
• Liwu Zhou (Xingyuan Environment Technology), 98%
• Lei Liu (Beijing Sanju Environmental Protection & New Materials), 95%

Category Sales Growth Performance
• Quanchen Jia (Qingdao Hengshun Zhongshen Group), 100%
• Zhaoming Wang (Inner Mongolia Hotision and Monsod Drought-Resistance Greening), 100%
• Zishan Yang (Nanfang Ventilator), 100%

Category Profitability Growth Performance
• Quanchen Jia (Qingdao Hengshun Zhongshen Group), 100%
• Lei Liu (Beijing Sanju Environmental Protection & New Materials), 100%
• Qiaoling Huang (Songcheng Performance Development), 100%

Category Total Shareholder Return/Investment Growth Performance
• Liwu Zhou (Xingyuan Environment Technology), 100%
• Lijun Ji (Shanghai Anoky Group), 100%
• Shangchuan Sun (Shenzhen Tatfook Technology), 100%


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