Systemorph creates Business Solutions division

Zurich, Switzerland – October 31, 2014 - Systemorph Ltd., a Swiss based provider of innovative risk and data management solutions, announced today the creation of its Business Solutions division.

The newly formed Business Solutions organization is headed by Dr. Pedro Fonseca and will be focused on delivering solutions tailored to our clients' business needs. This will include the review of existing data models and methodologies, as well as designing and implementing new solutions. The main covered business areas are Pricing, Reserving, Risk Management and Risk Control, Risk Quantification and Aggregation, Margining and Collateral Management, Required Capital, and Regulatory Reporting (SST, Solvency II, Basel III, FATCA, EMIR and IFRS).

The Business Solutions team will give an essential support to our clients in the analysis of their current data frameworks, in the development of new products, and in the management of the integration processes. More information on the services offered can be found under the following link on the Systemorph website:

“Systemorph is proud to enlarge its client offerings with the Business Solutions division,” says Roland Bürgi, CEO and founder of Systemorph. “This will allow us to optimize even further the development and integration of Systemorph and precisely meet our clients' business needs.”


Systemorph is a Zurich-based software and services firm founded in 2011. A thought leader in data science and provider of innovative, customizable and ultra-rapid development data management solutions, Systemorph offers simple yet powerful solutions for risk managers, actuaries, portfolio managers, quantitative risk analysts and others – to structure, synthesize, communicate and control advanced business domain models and the data populating them.


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