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To find the weakest security link in your organization, you need to think like a hacker. Thanks to LUCY, you can now measure and improve awareness towards phishing, SMiShing, BadUSB, malware and drive-by attacks by launching your own realistic security campaigns. LUCY can emulate cyberattacks in your own network or in the cloud through four main modules:

Traditional Phishing/SMiShing Attack: LUCY runs different variations of attacks to measure and improve awareness of your employees. All technical aspects, i.e. sending mail/SMS, starting the embedded web server or generating statistical analysis are handled by the application. In a few clicks, entire websites can be copied. Also included is a menu of attack scenario templates (pre-defined websites and message templates).

Malware Attack: LUCY can simulate a malware attack, combining phishing with custom malware samples (which can be delivered via mail, web download or USB). You will see who, how far and what type of information can be exposed. LUCY's malware simulation is non-intrusive and doesn't interrupt your normal daily business operations.

Malware Protection Test: This feature allows users to perform security checks without involving employees outside your IT department. Determine your malware-related vulnerabilities on the network, system and application levels. Verify also your SIEM: can you actually detect malicious activities?

Training: An integrated (interactive) eLearning module provides the necessary training to improve employee awareness.


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